My all time cup of healing-Espresso

All my life, I have held the belief that a shot of thick, sweet, concentrated coffee can cure almost all of my daily problems. A shot of espresso is all I need to get ‘back on my feet.’
Waking up at five in the morning, my head spinning, my eyes aching, bones are like on strike, can not even move my head off the pillow, completely off the hook. All I do is just raise my hand to put off the alarm. The next thing that crosses my mind is that memory of the last thing that I touched the previous night just before I lay my body right where it is right now; my companion-espresso maker. Using the little energy left, I crawl to the kitchen, take good hold of my single boiler, dual use, pump driven espresso maker. Heat up the water in the thermoblock and brew my healing concoction. Take a sip and my nerves are all eased up, refreshened bones, rejuvenated strength…and my day has began! That is what normally happens each and every morning.

I attribute my jovial attitude to each and every sip of espresso that goes down my internal digestive pipeline. And all the credit goes to the best home espresso maker for a beginner.

Personally, I would recommend the super-automatic, single boiler, dual use, pump driven espresso maker to any person that has a high liking for concentrated coffee as I am. The best brand being the Elektra Microcasa. The reason behind this that you only have one machine that is multifunctional. One chamber that does all what you ask it to do, the boiling, the brewing, the steaming. Of course, not all at the same time.

There are other espresso makers that can be useful just in case you need to try something different. The most recent being the air-pump-driven espresso maker which are smaller and lighter and often hand held and portable. Dating backwards, you may find the piston-driven espresso maker which requires along handle to produce a ‘shot’ of espresso. And there is the steam-driven espresso maker which uses steam or steam pressure to make the espresso cheaply.

The best thing to do while shopping for a good espresso maker is to consider your preference of automatic or manual machines, and do not forget to take a review of your budget.

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